Our 12 Month Parts and Labour Guarantee

Warranty period

In keeping with its high standards of quality, Church Motor Company (UK) Ltd provide a one (1) year (from purchase date) Limited Warranty on all parts fitted to their vehicle.
This one (1) year Limited Warranty is hereafter referred to as The Warranty Period and is subject to certain conditions (as outlined below).
What the warranty covers

Church Motor Company Ltd will, without charge, during The Warranty Period, repair or replace, at its option, any component part which is defective or that malfunctions when the vehicle is returned for Inspection within the warranty period.
Exclusions from warranty

Every vehicle returned with a fault shall be examined and is subject to a diagnostic charge until such part is confirmed faulty.
Malfunctions, defects or failures of the vehicle due to alterations made to the vehicle, improper or negligent use or abuse, or use of the vehicle for rental purposes or use are excluded under this Warranty.

Any attempt to repair/tamper with the part voids the Warranty.
The warranty does not include a refund of the purchase price.

Further limitations

In NO event shall Church Motor Company Ltd be liable for any consequential or incidental damages you may incur in connection with the purchase and use of the part; including, without limitation, commercial loss or for any incidental expenses, damage from improper use of the part.

The vehicle using the part must, where required, have a valid planned service schedule which must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out by Church Motor Company Ltd.

Church Motor Company Ltd may request the service records appertaining to the vehicle using the part fitted.